(Music & Lyrics: Ackerson)
Billy woke up as the man he’d never be
Drove his truck to his shackles in the land of the free
Another ten rounds with the foreman, always gettin’ inside his head
That’s a clock that he’d love to clean, but he just punches one instead

He’s goin’ on an alcoholiday, hey, alcoholiday, hey

Jenny broke down, the way she’d always done
Put her lips to the bottle, like a bible for a nun
She used to join them on Sundays, even singing in the choir
Till the day that she learned to trade, her faith in for the fire

Of goin’ on an alcoliday, hey, alcoholiday, hey

So many folks they take the hard way
Stuff vacations into weeks
But some of us prefer the sweet escape
Of the nightly call of whiskey when it speaks
Listen to it speak…

Alcoholiday, hey
Alcoholiday, alcoholiday, alcoholiday