August 14, 2012

A busy summer…

It’s sort of an understatement, but The Novelists have been working hard this summer. We were finally able to focus locally with mini-tours in both Reno and SF. We’ve headlined our first two festivals, upgraded our sleeping mats to aerobeds (you’re all jealous, we know), paid off our band credit card and even started auditioning drummers. It’s a dream come true to be making such progress toward the dream we’ve all shared since we were children. Every day I remind myself that the journey is the blessing, never to be taken for granted. As soon as goals are reached, there are newer, bigger ones to take their place.

In the coming months, look for us in Portland, SoCal, Seattle, Milwaukee, Denver, SF and Reno. At a few of the local shows, we will be featuring various drummers with whom we’ve had the privilege of playing over the years. By January, we should be heading back to the studio for a full-band electric album. These are exciting times.

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