June 17, 2015

The Novelists’ Kickstarter! (Album, music video and publicity campaign)

Dear Friends,

After years of writing and touring together, we are excited to birth the original concept behind The Novelists: a multimedia storytelling experience. We’ve decided to help fund this project by launching a crowdfunding campaign through “Kickstarter.” Yes…we know…not another band crowdfunding campaign! So how did we get to this juncture??

Click here to go to our Kickstarter page!

As you’ll see in our project video, we were not quick to turn to crowd funding as a solution. It was very important to us that we first show you a history of focused creativity, work ethic and business sense. That said, the scope of our current goals seems to require and warrant a larger effort than ever before, and we would be honored to  have you all involved!    

In conjunction with the release of our third studio album this Fall, we will be debuting the first in a series of music videos that showcase the unique stories behind our songs (think mini movies – not ‘band-in-a-warehouse’ videos). Then, using elements from the first video, we have begun designing a release show (multimedia storytelling experience) that will continue to serve as an introduction to The Novelists for our extended album release tour.

The final step of this project is to hire a professional publicist. This is the most consistent piece of advice we’ve received from the numerous industry executives we’ve encountered in our travels. Not surprisingly, a professional publicity campaign costs as much as making a music video.

Our goals are lofty, but attainable – with your help. Please take a look at our Kickstarter page and consider a level of support that works for you. We are in this for the long run, and we are ready to make the next big step in our career. We hope both the quality our new art and our extensive rewards packages will show you just how much we value what we’re asking for. We thank you in advance for your support from the bottom of our hearts. We’ll see you at the show!

Much love,

The Novelists

P.S. For the campaign to be successful, we need to reach as many people as possible, so please tell a friend about our campaign and be sure to share the video and kickstarter page on your social media sites!

Click here to go to our Kickstarter page!


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