Take It Slow

(Music & Lyrics: Ackerson)
Can I take you out on a date tonight?
Would you give me an hour or two?
And, if it’s cold, can I hold your hand in mine?
If I promise that’s all that I’ll do

I won’t expect you to kiss me or let me kiss you
I’ll be a gentleman, happy to want to, want to
Take it slow

I’ve been learning to dance since I met you
And you told me how much it would mean
You’ll be there, and it’s where I can get you
With the least bit of space in-between

But please don’t expect me to spin you or anything fancy
Try to be patient, and tell me you want to, want to
Take it slow

Now you’re smiling at me so inviting
And the message you’re sending is clear
The stereo, turn it low, dim the lighting
‘Cause you’re already pulling me near

I hope you expect me to kiss you, and let you kiss me
We can try anything, and if we want to, we want to
Take it slow