Morris & Estelle

(Music: Ackerson/Hobin – Lyrics: Ackerson)
Here’s a little tale of Morris and Estelle
A forty-two year wedding vow, together in everything
They never had a child, but busy all the while
Happy, just the two of them, they didn’t need anything

Right from the beginning they couldn’t stop from spinning like a carousel
Promising forever in every endeavor living parallel

It’s our life we should live it well
If you’ll be my wife, I will give myself to you
Said Morris to Estelle

Working all their lives, finally they retired
And bought a condominium in Hollywood, Florida
Half of every year, together in the sun
They’d memorize the interstate and weather the winter there

Bought the place in Florida ‘cause now they could afford a little paradise
Sticking to their dream ‘cause you know they never were the type to compromise

This is our life and we’re living it well
If you take the time to enjoy yourself, you do
Thought Morris and Estelle

But sunlight always turns to rain before it can begin again
And time moves like a hurricane
Morris had a lung disease, the doctors said a couple weeks
And wished him all the best

They waited for a while, but time was running out
And they’d always kept their promises, together in everything
So then without a word, they took each other’s hand
On the seventeenth floor balcony…

The neighbors said they found them there smashed into the ground and had to turn away
But frozen on their faces, their smiles had left a trace of what they couldn’t say

It was our life and we lived it well
So excuse us now while we spare ourselves some pain… some pain
Signed, Morris and Estelle