December 9, 2013

Dear Friends,

After two and a half years together, The Novelists and Megan Slankard have made the decision to part ways musically. We have had a lot of fun and are all exceptionally proud of our collaborations together. We have decided to try new and exciting musical directions for the upcoming New Year, but look forward to continuing our support of each other’s endeavors as we have enjoyed building this friendship together. Thank you to our fans for your support and love of our music, and for your understanding during this transition. The Novelists and Megan both look forward to sharing new music with you soon. We love you very much! – Joel, Eric, Zack, and Megan


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Best wishes to everyone! Although I’m sure Megan will me missed, this has got to be an exciting turn for the group.

I will always wish I could have seen them one last time as Joel, Zack, Eric and Megan I’ll look forward to being another face in the crowd at their next show.

…. and get a big record deal, will ya? 😀

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