The Novelists Book Club! ($20 yearly subscription)

When you join the Novelists Book Club you will get two brand new professionally recorded, original Novelists songs sent to you digitally every month! That’s 24 new Novelists’ songs this year! There is no better way to get your Novelists fix.

Your $20 subscription will also give you access to exclusive behind the scenes photos, videos, and blog posts!


BONUS: Occasionally we’ll make you an honorary band member and we’ll let you know how you can assist us with some big decisions. For example: help us pick which Book Club songs will be included on our next album, help design art for show posters, and/or help Eric pick which sunglasses to wear at the next show.


Q: Why The Novelists Book Club?

A: We are excited to bring you new music throughout the year with our brand new music subscription club! Now, instead of just releasing one new album of 10 songs once a year, we can bring you 24 new songs a year (two every month!), plus new videos, photos and blogs. This will keep us creative and driven, while keeping you stockpiled in new music!

Q: What do you mean by the songs will be sent “digitally”?

A: At the end of every month we will be emailing all Book Club members MP3s of two of our brand new songs. We’ll put the songs in a zipped file, which will be easy to download to your computer or load onto your portable MP3 player.

Q: Does this mean you won’t make an actual CD?

A: No, we love actual CDs! Join the book club, and when it comes time to make a new album, we’ll ask you to help by picking your favorite Book Club songs to include on the disc!

Q: What if I’m signing up later in the year – can I still get all of the songs from the year?

A: Absolutely. You get access to all 24 songs released in the year you subscribe, regardless of which month you sign up. Book Club songs from previous months will be made available when you sign up.

Q: I’ve signed up, but I haven’t received my songs yet. Am I doing something wrong?

A: You will be receiving an email with your first set of songs ASAP (usually by the end of the day that you placed your order). It’s important that you check, not only your inbox, but also your SPAM/JUNK folder. If it does end up there, look for the option to mark the email as “Not Junk” or “Not Spam,” which will allow future emails to make it to your inbox. We strongly recommend that you also add bookclub (at) thenovelists (dot) com and thenoveLIST (at) thenovelists (dot) com (symbols have been replaced with words for website security purposes. Please remove spaces and replace words in parentheses with the corresponding symbol) to your contacts to prevent further messages from going straight to the SPAM/JUNK folder.