July 13, 2015


First of all, thank you for your tremendous support over the last three weeks of our Kickstarter! We are just over $14K as of this morning, but we don’t keep any of it unless we make our goal of $25K. Rest assured, we are working hard, as we have played 16 hours of shows this weekend alone, and play another 4 hours a night for the next 8 days straight! We believe in our art, and the plan behind launching the full story of The Novelists this year, and we are humbled at how much you have shown your belief as well. Please share this email with as many of your friends as possible before our Fridaymorning deadline of 11:52AM.

One of our dear friends has made the extremely generous offer to match the first $500 of pledges on Wednesday, so if you’d like your contribution to count double, that is the day to make it!

(click here to go to our Kickstarter page)

We have chosen to keep the video song a secret for now, but know that it is the song that started the concept behind the band. The story is unique, slightly shocking, and a testament to an almost unprecedented love. And, best of all, it is true. We believe that when people watch this video, they will start to understand a part of The Novelists that can’t be conveyed with music alone. This dream is a decade in the making, and we are so close.

From each of us, thank you!

– The Novelists

(click here to go to our Kickstarter page)

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